In Colorado, a consumer may consume raw milk from a cow or goat owned by the consumer.  Because it is usually impractical for a consumer to maintain a cow or a goat or a herd of cows or goats, Colorado law (Section 25-5.5-117, Colorado Revised Statutes) permits cow or goat herd-share arrangements under which a consumer may acquire an interest in a cow, goat or herd of cows or goats and contract with a dairy or farm to board and care for the cows or goats, to milk the animals, and to allow the consumer to pick up  the milk produced from the consumer owner’s interest in the cows, goats or herd. Absent this type of arrangement, obtaining raw milk from a dairy or a farm is illegal in the State of Colorado under rules and regulations of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. For the 2016 season, we have openings for raw goat shares which run from April through November. We offer full, half, and quarter options for milk:

  • Full share - $40 per month - 1 gallon of milk per week for four week
  • Half Share - $20 per month - 1/2 gallon of milk per week
  • Quarter Share - $10 per month - 1 quart of milk per week

We also offer the option of turning share holder's milk into gourmet cheese for a little extra. We currently offer Chevre, a soft and delicate tasting cheese, and Feta, a firmer and more flavorful ripened cheese. We are also looking at adding Mozzarella to our options this year, but no promises yet. Additional cheese pricing:

  • 1 pound of cheese - $32 per month*
  • 1/2 pound of cheese - $16 per month*
  • 1/4 pound of cheese - $8 per month*

*Price is on top of monthly boarding fee.

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Seeing as we are a small dairy, variations of shares can be accomplished. For example, if someone would like a half share, but wants to make their own cheese with it at home, they could receive 1 gallon every other week, which would equal 1/2 gallon per week. We can split a full share of milk into half fresh milk and half cheese. Maybe someone likes both cheeses, and wants to split their half share into a 1/4 pound of Feta and a 1/4 pound of Chevre. Also, if a half share is too much, you could always go in with a friend and split weeks.

If you live in Delta county and are interested in owning a share in our goat herd and supporting local agriculture, give us a call or shoot us an email here. If you'd like to learn a little more about our ladies, head on over to our post about the herd.