Pastured Poultry


Free Range vs. Pastured

     Some may think the two are the same, but their definitions vary quite drastically. In order for a bird to be pastured, they must have access to grass for the majority of their life. In the USDA’s definition of free-range, the producer simply has to show they've provided access to the outside. The majority of most free-range operations have a small hatch the opens up to bare dirt due to over grazing. No grass, no bugs, no good.


Our birds

     Our birds have plenty of room and fresh air from the day they are brought on our farm to the day we process them ourselves. They start in our indoor brooder with heat plates to replicate a mother hen’s warmth, a deep bedding of wood chips, and a layer of fine ground alfalfa to get them greens from the get go. At 3 weeks we take them out into their own mobiles, each equipped with fresh water and chicken feed.


    Our is feed is mixed on site and available for the birds’ pleasure from day one. Once on pasture, it is available in conjunction with the fresh grass they are moved to daily. When the time comes, we collect the birds and process them on farm into clean, healthy chicken. 

Our prices

   Our broilers are pasture raised, organically fed, antibiotic free, and humanely processed. Not to mention, they are the best darn bird you will ever taste. Our chicken is of the finest quality, and can be purchased on farm for


     We do offer fresh birds from June into November, and frozen birds year-round until we sell out around February (we do sell out). 

Bulk Pricing

     We also offer wholesale pricing for customers who can commit to 100 birds per season.

Other Products

In addition to chicken we offer other meat as well:·     

  • · Pastured Turkey – We will have a limited amount of Turkeys for 2019, so contact us with this form to inquire about Turkey

  • Whole Goat – In the fall, we process a number of our yearling goats for meat. Young goat is comparable to lamb, but is milder and less fatty.

  • Grass-fed Highland Cattle Beef- ¼, ½, and full shares of beef. More information here.


    We believe in an open door policy and invite any of our customers to come see our farming practices.