Grass-Fed Highland Beef

Raised on the high quality grass of our mountain valley.

Raised on the high quality grass of our mountain valley.


Scottish highland Beef

The Scottish Highland Breed is the oldest registered breed of cows in our history. Their lineage dates back to 1884, when the first herd was registered in Scotland.

Their coats keep them warm in the winter, resulting in a healthy, lean beef. Highland beef is up to 40% lower in fat than the average Angus beef.

Our herd has access to fresh grass from April to November, and then eat the hay we preserved for them from our fields all winter. We calve in Spring, contrary to the traditional ranch, so that momma doesn’t have to worry about a snow storm, and baby is ushered into the world without a worry.


We currently offer quarter, half, and whole animals. We send our steers in at about 24 months, and their hanging weight is between 350-450 pounds. Contact us if you’d like us to send you more information.

The price of our beef is $5.50 per pound hanging weight.

In addition to their naturally marbled meat, we are offering professional american tanned hides. Soft, supple, and stunning; these coverings can be used as floor decor, wall art, or a couch cover. We have 3 for sale for 2019. Intrigued? Learn more to get your hands on one.